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Sep 18, 2016  

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Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption As the baby boomer generation retires, many developed societies will have to focus on preventing old-age poverty "The reduction of old-age poverty has been one of the greatest social policy successes in OECD countries," a recent OECD report noted . But it added: "As the baby boomer generation retires and pension systems continue to be reformed, the focus on preventing old-age poverty will become sharper and sources of income in old age other than those from pension systems would have to be considered." For Charles Eugster, those other sources of income can only mean working well into our twilight years. Find out more: How to survive at work: The Business Daily team explores life in the office Click here for more programme highlights We're used to hearing about mounting pension liabilities in the industrialised world, what's often referred to as the pensions "time bomb". An ageing population coupled with falling fertility rates and thus a shrinking workforce from which to extract taxes, means governments and companies are struggling to pay out the pensions of the elderly. Compounding the problem is the fact that most of us are living longer than ever before as well as evidence showing that retired people have more health problems . The UN estimates that globally, the number of those over 60 or over will more than double by 2050 and more than triple by the end of this century. Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Some experts argue we will need to keep reinventing ourselves to stay ahead of technology What's more, about half of all babies born in industrialised nations today can expect to live to 100 years. "People seem to forget how old we are becoming," Charles Eugster says. "How on earth do you think we are going to pay for all those years of doing nothing?" Rethinking life It's prompted some to argue

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that we need a fundamental rethink of the way we live and work. Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, professors at the London Business School have done just that in a book, The 100-Year Life . They argue that that if turning 100 becomes normal, then we have to discard our idea of a traditional "three-stage life", one in which education is followed by work and then retirement.